This is the place where we thank the people who support us in more than a spiritual way. It is our hope that this page becomes the biggest in this website. Alas, it is rather teensy at the moment... but it's growing!


Thanks MOM.

Thanks BOB.

Giving mom a little relief is Galaxy Camera, specifically, BOB WARE and his generous donation of an old VOIGTLANDER camera that we converted into the "Flying Pinhole Camera" for the GPS Deja "VIEW" project. Bob came through with this amazing 120 film camera that was perfect for the job. Hats off to Bob and Galaxy Camera.

Thanks ANGELA.

Angela and I banged emails back and forth for months. As busy as she is she was able to take a good look at our GPS Deja "View" project and decide to support it with a free Magellan GPS receiver. I am still waiting for her to decide to join the project... what's your answer Angela? Thanks for the generous support.